Salerno Srl is one of the leading companies in the Metal Packaging sector for the food industry. The production is marketed both in the national territory and abroad, with particular reference to the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The main market is linked to sea food, whose core business lies in the production of tuna packaging, the company is able to supply the complete range from 80g up to 10kg. Furthermore the whole range of anchovies, sardines and bluefish in general is always linked to the sea food.

A large part of the production covers the sector related to vegetable preserves and the oil industry.

The expansion project aims to extend and consolidate the presence throughout the African continent and in the Middle East with the acquisition of increasingly significant market shares.

The presence in the reference markets is also expressed through forms of collaboration with companies in the sector interested in developing through partnerships aimed at the realization of production units located in the areas of greatest demand for the production of metal boxes.