Salerno Ltd is one of the leading supplier of metal packaging for the food and chemical industry. 

The production is traded within both the national and international market specially focused to the Mediterranean countries. 

The seafood industry is considered the main market consequently the buisness core lies on the production of metal packaging solutions for tunafish. The entreprise offers a wide range of cans, starting from the 70gs sized up to 10 kgs and connected to the seafood line it provides a broad variety of cans for anchovies, sardines and blue fish. 

The production lines are also specialized on canned vegetables and preserved oil. 

A consistent project of expansion aims to achieve the consolidation and the extention of the presence of the firm abroad within the MENA region through the acquisition of increasingly significant market shares. 

Our business within the reference markets is linked to the collaboration with entreprises interested in self-development through partnerships aimed at the realization of buisness units localized within the areas with the highest demand for metal cans.

StoriaA century old business

The history of Salerno group company started at the beginning of the twentieth century (1903) through the realization of an establishement for the lithography on tinplate.  

Nowadays, the property still remains strongly managed by the members of the Salerno family and after the entrance of the third generation the entreprise has started the most important technological transformations including a sustainable growth in foreign trades. It allows the firm to adress itself to an ever-widening, flexible and competitive market.


Company Foundation «A. Salerno e Figli» Lithograph on tinplate


Added printing lines for paper and cardboard


Inauguration of the Cartotecnica department


Start-up of the second «Pomesia» factory exclusively for the manufacture of metal boxes


Reunification of all production departments in the new «Salerno Poligrafica» plant in Brancaccio.


Purchase of the first «Soudronic» automatic electric welding machines


Entry into international markets and transformation into ``Salerno Packaging``


Installation of the first ``Metalstar`` 4 colors printing line in Italy


Entry into the company of the fourth generation


Introduction of fully digital pre-press management


Start of total automation process in industry 4.0


Implementation of a new Quality Control laboratory


Inauguration of new Open Top production lines

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